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Visual storytelling app Drawify announces free workshop with Dan Roam, visual storyteller extraordinaire

27 Jan 2022
  • Aim to tackle poor communication and attention spans
  • First time collaboration between Dan Roam and desktop app Drawify
  • Event takes place online, Friday, February 4, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. EST/ 07:00 a.m PST /16:00 CET.
  • The workshop is free

Belgium, 26 Jan 2021— Boring presentations and heavy text-based reading thwart new ideas. Concepts need to be easy to understand to be memorable—let alone spark action.

That’s why both Axelle Vanquaillie, founder of Drawify, and Dan Roam share a mission of making the world better visual storytellers and have teamed up for an online workshop free to the public.

With all the Zoom, home offices, online classes–read: more distractions–the need for clear and memorable communication is acute. Email, data, notifications compete for bandwidth. Any tool that helps drive a point home­ (and make it stick) should be welcome in this day and age where focus is scarce.

Dan Roam, a noted visual storyteller, has written five international bestselling books on the need for clarity in communication and visualization in business. In the workshop spearheaded by Drawify, he will share insights from his latest book, The Pop-Up Pitch (Hachette Public Affairs), as well as explain how to use simple words and clear pictures for complex ideas.

Roam’s The Back of the Napkin was selected as the “Creativity Book of the Year,” by Fast Company, The London Times and Business Week. His Draw to Win landed the top spot on in the business communications and sales & marketing categories.

When stumped by the question, “What do I draw,” the desktop app Drawify gives users guidance and creative options through its drawing tool and comprehensive library of illustrations created by artist storytellers. Users are better equipped to communicate complex ideas with simple pictures—even if they can only manage stick figures. If pictures are worth a thousand words, they can now save valuable time (and attention), too.

Says Vanquaillie, a Belgian-based visual recorder and storyteller that travels the world,

“The purpose behind Drawify is to inspire people–even those who believe they can’t draw–to become better visual storytellers and draw attention to their ideas or concepts. Communication requires a receiver’s understanding and Drawify is designed to make it easier to instantly understand concepts.”

Vanquaillie continues, “Sharing Dan’s expertise furthers Drawify’s purpose. He both helps illustrate the need to create clarity and offers ways to incorporate visual storytelling to your messaging.” The most important thing she adds, “is helping people communicate better, especially in the overwhelming digital age.”

The workshop registration link is:

About Drawify:

Drawify is an online resource for artists, storytellers and businesspeople offering a drawing tool, illustrations and an elements library, as well as education and skill improvement workshops.

About Dan Roam:

Dan Roam has helped leaders at Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Gap, IBM, the US Navy, the United States Senate, and the White House solve complex problems with simple pictures. Dan and his whiteboard have appeared on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NPR. 

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